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He Denounces His Brother For The Theft Of A Moped

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A notorious recidivist of Cottage is actively sought by the police of Piton for the theft of a moped. This one of the brand New was stolen to the prejudice of his brother in the afternoon of Thursday, December 2 in the morning of Friday, December 3. His brother, a 27-year-old assistant surface technician, explained that this two-wheeled machine belongs to his father-in-law and was locked but the moped was stolen from his yard. He said he suspects his brother to be the author of this theft.

It is at the police station of Piton that the surface technician went in the early hours of Friday, December 3 to report the theft. In his statement, he claimed that this theft was committed between 14:30 on Thursday, December 2 and 10:30 on Friday, December 3. The moped, which belongs to his father-in-law, was parked in his garage and was locked at his home in Cottage.

The moped is insured. He suspects his brother, who is a drug addict as the perpetrator of this theft. On the evening of Friday, December 3, he got information that his brother was at the St. Clair residence, Goodlands. Without delay, he went to this place and indeed around 7 p.m., he saw his brother on this moped. The moped sped off when he saw him.

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