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Episcopal Ordination Of Mgr Durhône: A Major Event In The Life Of A Diocese

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With 11 days to go until the episcopal ordination of Mgr Durhône, Father Jean Maurice Labour, President of the Diocesan Committee for the preparation of the ordination, met the press yesterday to share a few details of this major event in the life of the Port Louis diocese.

The ordination of a bishop is a rare event, even more so as for us in Mauritius the episcopal ordination of Mgr Maurice E. Piat took place 32 years ago, and that of Mgr Margéot 56 years ago. Christians in Mauritius are currently experiencing great joy and are mobilizing to go to Marie-Reine-de-la-Paix on Sunday August 20. The mass will be broadcast live on MBC and on the Facebook page of CAPAV les Médias and the Diocese of Port-Louis. Spiritual animation at 1pm by Father Laurent Rivet.

These events at the head of a diocese are also taking place in the Indian Ocean: in Madagascar there have been two bishop appointments, on Reunion Island more recently, Mgr Pascal Chane-Teng succeeds Mgr Aubry and Mgr Alain Harel has been appointed bishop of Port-Victoria, in the Seychelles in 2021. Only the vicariate of Rodrigues is still waiting for its bishop. In other words, a renewal at the head of the dioceses to meet the challenges posed by the new realities of today’s world. The new team of CEDOI bishops will meet from August 22 to 24 at Le Thabor in Beau-Bassin.

Following the announcement of the new bishop’s appointment, Cardinal Piat appointed a diocesan committee responsible for organizing the episcopal ordination, with the following 8 sub-committees:

  • Spiritual preparation in parishes (in charge: Ms Priscilla Edouard, Father Sylvio Lodoïska)
  • Liturgy (how the ceremony will be conducted): (in charge: Father Jean-Claude Véder).
  • Logistics, including infrastructure, equipment, sound system, sanitary facilities, areas for civil authorities and guests, etc. (Responsible: Mrs. Evelyne Forget).
  • Invitations and reception of authorities, members of Mgr Durhône’s family, Durhône, foreign guests (Miss Christine Chow).
  • Communication and media relations (Mme Virginie Julien)
  • Crowd management (Mr. Thierry Goder)

It should be noted that arrangements have been made for the distribution of communion for the 50,000 people expected, the choir, the very special liturgy about which Father Kenny, Ceremonial Administrator will give details in a moment, security, crowd management and road traffic. The police and fire department are also mobilized and help us a lot.

Consecrating bishops

Bishop Jean-Michaël Durhône will receive episcopal ordination from Cardinal Maurice E. Piat, Bishop Emeritus of Port-Louis and principal celebrant. Cardinal Piat will be assisted by two bishops: Mgr Alain Harel, President of the Conférence Episcopale De l’Océan Indien and Bishop of Port-Victoria, Seychelles, and Mgr Tomasz Grysa, Apostolic Nuncio for the region.

The bishops of the region will be in Mauritius for Mgr Durhône’s ordination:

  • Gilbert Aubry (Bishop Emeritus of Saint-Denis de la Réunion)
  • Mgr Pascal Chane Teng (appointed Bishop of Saint-Denis de la Réunion)
  • Mgr. Fabien Raharilamboniaina (President of the Malagasy Episcopal Conference and Bishop of Morondava)

Also in attendance will be

  • Mgr Denis Wiehe, Bishop Emeritus of Port-Victoria, Seychelles
  • Mgr Robert Le Gall, Archbishop Emeritus of Toulouse
  • Father Luc René (Administrator of the Apostolic Vicariate of Rodrigues)
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