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Energy Mix: Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant Project Launched At Arsenal

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A major solar energy project with a maximum capacity of 13.86 megawatts (MWp), was launched, yesterday, in Arsenal. The project is being implemented by the GreenYellow Indian Ocean Green, a Mauritian subsidiary of the French company GreenYellow, following an agreement signed between the latter and the Central Electricity Board (CEB) for the construction of solar photovoltaic power plants in the country.

The Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Mr Joe Lesjongard, the Director of GreenYellow, Mr Benoit Regnard, the Officer-in-Charge of the CEB, Mr Rajden Chowdharry and other personalities were also present.

In his address, Minister Lesjongard stated that GreenYellow has become a major player in solar energy production in the Indian Ocean and France. The Company has already installed two solar farms at Queen Victoria and Solitude and the Arsenal solar farm is its third project which is expected to be completed in some eight months.

The maximum capacity of the farm will be 13.86 megawatts which will be connected to the national grid via the Jinfei substation by a dedicated 22 kilovolt (kv) distribution line, pointed out the Energy Minister. He highlighted that Budget 2023-2024 also lay much emphasis on developing renewable energy production and the energy sector.

Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant Project Launched At Arsenal

Underlying the importance of the national biomass framework, he observed that it demonstrates Government’s strategy to work on the decline registered in bagasse production, adding that to this end, operations will soon begin on an 8-mw solar farm in Henrietta.

Mr. Lesjongard further indicated that according to statistical review of world energy, a 12% increase in the production of renewable energies has been recorded while at the same time carbon emissions have risen by 0.8%, reaching a record level of 39.3 billion tonnes in 2022.

The transition to clean energy is therefore essential for Mauritius to achieve climate neutrality by 2030, underpinned the Minister. The country has great potential to set an example in the field of renewable energies with an ideal climate to produce solar and wind energy, as well as a maritime zone that could be used for offshore wind power, he added.

For his part, Mr Regnard stated that the solar farm will accelerate the energy transition of Mauritius by supporting the objectives of Government to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and diversify its electricity mix. The farm will provide electricity to more than 4,500 Mauritian households as well as contribute to a decrease in the emission of CO2 estimated at 13,000 tons of per year.

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