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Empowering HEP Educators To Foster Value-Based Learning In Primary Schools

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A half-day workshop, focusing on equipping Holistic Education Programme (HEP) Educators of primary schools with the necessary knowhow and competencies on the use of interactive materials and teaching methodologies to impart moral virtues to primary school students, was held, yesterday morning, at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in Réduit. The workshop, an initiative of the ICAC, was organised collaboratively with the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology and the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE).

The Assistant Director, Primary Education, Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, Mrs Shalini Mahadowa-Reechaye; the Supervising Officer, Corruption Prevention and Education Division, ICAC, Mrs Nandita Suneechur-Nunkoo; resource persons from the ICAC and the MIE; HEP educators and other personalities attended the workshop.

In her address, Mrs Mahadowa-Reechaye commended the ICAC for the development of value-based videos which will be disseminated to primary pupils. These interactive educational materials, she affirmed, are in consonance with the Ministry of Education’s philosophy to promote the holistic development of young learners. Twenty primary schools of mixed abilities have been targeted for the pilot project, she further pointed out.

workshop focusing on equipping Holistic Education Programme

Stressing on the significance of holistic education, the Assistant Director underscored that education is not merely about syllabus completion, assessments and certificate obtention, but also about nurturing values, ethics and integrity in the future generation. Holistic education, she added, encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and moral development of students.

Mrs Mahadowa-Reechaye moreover indicated that HEP educators, through the curriculum implementation and daily interactions with students, serve as torchbearers, producing all-rounded individuals who can positively contribute to the society. She also made an appeal to the HEP educators present to take the golden opportunity to share their experiences, learn from their colleagues and resource persons.

Outlining the educational roles of the ICAC, Mrs Suneechur-Nunkoo explained the rationale behind introducing integrated learning materials to Grade 4 and 5 students. According to her, the use of digital tools such as animated videos will transmit messages on anti-corruption practices more impactfully to the students, and will eventually create a ripple effect by also influencing parents and teachers. She announced that the pilot testing will start in 2024.

Out of the five animated videos, the three finalised videos were played to the audience. They focus on values such as honesty, law and rule compliance, and being responsible citizens.

Besides highlighting the critical role of value inculcation among students, the resource persons from the MIE elucidated on how and why the videos on values and good practices should be incorporated in the teaching of the generation alpha.

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