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EMNATI: Important Disruptions To Our Road Networks

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No Cyclone Warning is in force in Mauritius. The 13th and last cyclone bulletin for Mauritius issued at 16 10 on Sunday 20th February 2022. Over the last few hours, Emnati has intensified into an Intense Tropical Cyclone and continues to move away slowly from our region.

At 16 00, Emnati was centered at about 360 km to the North-West of Mauritius in latitude 17.5 degrees South and longitude 55.5 degrees East. It is moving towards the West-Southwest at a reduced speed of about 10 km/h.

Clouds bands associated with Emnati will continue to influence the weather over the island with moderate showers, which may become locally heavy at times. Several stations over the island are still recording gusts of 80-90 km/h. However, the risk of gusts exceeding 120 km/h no longer exists. Tomorrow, the gusts will start to decrease during the day.

Emnati Damage

The highest gusts recorded during the passage of Emnati are as follows: Champ de Mars : 133 km/h ; Nouvelle Decouverte : 122 km/h ; Le Morne: 119 km/h ; Beau Songes: 97 km/h ; Vacoas: 93 km/h ; Domaines les Pailles: 90 km/h ; Plaisance: 85 km/h ; Bel Village : 89 km/h ; Riche Terre : 85 km/h

Since the gusts of 80-90 km/h and high seas are persisting, a strong wind and high seas warning is in force since 16 10 this afternoon and will remain valid until 10 00 hours tomorrow morning. The public is strongly advised to be very cautious when going outdoors and to avoid going out at sea.  For more detailed weather information, the public is advised to follow our strong wind and high seas warning bulletin and other regular bulletins.

With the passage of Emnati, the elements of the Special Mobile Force and the firefighters have carried out more than twenty interventions since this morning, among which, there have been medical evacuations. Obstructed roads were cleared with the help of Central Electricity Board (CEB) employees.

Even Centre-de-Flacq was not spared by the passage of Emnati. Near the Engen gas station, the sidewalk was damaged. A tree fell on bars and in the Central Plateau, a car has finished its race in a gutter at the Roundabout of Trianon during the Alert 4.

Emnati Damage

Unable to withstand Emnati gusts, several trees fell and blocked several roads across the country. Some roads are completely obstructed though Mauritius is no longer on Cyclonic Alert. In a statement issued by the National Emergency Operations Command, it is indicated that the following roads are currently impassable:

–    La route principale à Cité-La-Cure

–    La route principale à Trou-d’Eau-Douce

–    La route principale à Baie-de-Jacotet

–    La route principale de L’Amaury

–    L’autoroute à Bois-Marchand en direction de Terre-Rouge

–    La route Nicolière qui mène vers Salazie

More than 500 victims have taken refuge in around 39 shelters across the country, and the total number is 534, including more than 200 children, who have taken refuge in emergency centres across the country. This has been since the class 3 cyclone warning issued yesterday, Saturday 19th February.  The largest number of victims, that is 74 people, was registered at Résidence La Cure.

In terms of rainfall, it was ‘la ville des Fleurs’ which has been the most watered region. Active cloud bands associated with Tropical Cyclone Emnati caused moderate to heavy showers in several parts of the country. Quatre-Bornes, which has been the most watered region in the last 24 hours. It recorded the heaviest rainfall with 135.3 mmm of rain.

During the same period, Vacoas collected 116.9 mm of rain, followed by Mon-Bois with 105.6 mm of rain.

No Cyclone Warning is in force in Mauritius but the high seas are persisting. As such, a strong wind and high seas warning came in force as from 16 10 this afternoon and will remain valid until 10 00 tomorrow morning. The public is strongly advised to be very cautious outdoor and avoid going out at sea.

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