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Eliza: Christopher Warren Permal’s Tribute To Georgie Joe

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Christopher Warren Permal is back with Eliza. Originally performed by Georgie Joe, this song is more than just a cover. It is a tribute. A tribute from a young artist to a veteran of the sega.

Unveiled to the general public with Agatha, a song by the late Richemond Rebet, Christopher Warren Permal is back in the news with Eliza. According to the artist, this song is much more than a cover: “It’s a song that rocked my childhood because my father listened to it over and over. Two months ago, I gave it to my sauce and my relatives encouraged me to release the single. However, this project is for me a tribute that I wanted to pay to Georgie Joe during his lifetime.”

Christopher Warren Permal and Georgie Joe
Christopher Warren Permal and Georgie Joe

Arranged by Alain Ramanisum, the track leaves no music lover of gro sega indifferent. Starting with the author himself: “Georgie Joe really appreciated my decision to cover his song. Despite his reduced mobility, I saw him dance to my version of Eliza. It was a great moment.

Despite the success of Eliza, the artist has no plans to release an album: “The new generation is consuming music in a different way. Emerging artists are also making music differently. I can’t see myself releasing an album when I know that the energy and messages of my songs won’t reach the youth of my generation. For now I’m content to please some of my fans with singles.”

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