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Duval Wants A Recall Of National Assembly In Mauritius

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The PMSD faced the press on Saturday, where one of the main issues discussed was the health situation in Rodrigues.

Xavier-Luc Duval wants a recall of the National Assembly in Mauritius and gave several reasons to justify his request, among which he explained that the danger is real in Rodrigues and the Regional Assembly was no longer sitting as it has been dissolved. Moreover, he said, the responsibility for the health of Mauritians and Rodriguans lies with the Ministry of Health in Mauritius, “so with our dear Jagutpal”, he said. He highlighted that it is with the appeals and the Private Notice Questions that the population gets the most information on the health situation. This was the case in Mauritius, and it will be the case in Rodrigues too.

Serge Clair’s “disappearance” denounced

The Opposition leader deplored the “total silence” of Serge Clair as well as his disappearance from the scene. He said he didn’t understand why the outgoing Chief Commissioner has not spoken to the press so far. Xavier-Luc Duval also deplored the fact that there are several types of quarantine. First, he said, there is the average Rodriguan who has to do quarantine in Rodrigues. Then there is the Mauritian policeman who “does quarantine in Mauritius and kisses his family” before going to Rodrigues. There are also those who are not forced to do quarantine, such as the officers of the Electoral Commissioner’s office, he said. Finally, according to Xavier-Luc Duval, there are members of the OPR who are in “false quarantine.”

Elections: Any decision must be taken in consultation with the Opposition in Rodrigues, says Duval

There is no question of deciding on a postponement and the new date of the elections with the OPR alone! This was the warning issued by Xavier-Luc Duval this morning at a press conference. He said that it was the Prime Minister’s prerogative to postpone the regional elections in Rodrigues but for him, democracy requires that the parties of the Opposition should be consulted. Xavier-Duval also mentioned a certain confusion because the Quarantine Act does not make provision for autonomy. But for him, it will be difficult to the campaign given that some of the candidates have contracted the virus. Also, door-to-door canvassing is now prohibited. In addition, there will probably be a curfew on the island. Then, the population has to be explained how to vote in these , because it is a two-step vote because of the proportional system.

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