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Dj Yo Makes The Planet Dance

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He is 21 years old. He lives in Flacq. Unknown in Mauritius, Dj Yo yet dance the world with his remix version of Love Nwantiti by Ckay. Our compatriot is currently working on another single with the Nigerian artist.

His real name is Yohan Dawood, Dj Yo is a computer coach. And when he is not typing on a keyboard, he plays his fingers on a turntable: “In the parties, I was always behind the DJs to see how he did. Then one of my uncles showed me how. And since then, I’ve put my own spin on several hits.”

In 2020 in the midst of confinement, the young DJ heard Love Nwantiti for the first time. He liked the song, but… “It was certainly a beautiful song except that it was a little flat for my taste. My cousin and I reworked the music. One of our friends finally posted it on YouTube without us knowing.”

And then it became a worldwide success: “My version got over 12 million views on YouTube.

Dj Yo
The artist will work with Rema – the interpreter of the hit Calm down.

With the song going viral, Dj You decided to post his version on streaming platforms. Concerned about copyright, he tried in vain to contact Ckay: “I tried to contact him before posting. He did it well after and he was a little unhappy. He talks about our collaboration in his interviews and we are regularly in contact. We’re actually working on another single that should be out before the end of 2022.”

His popularity in the world of African Afro beat is such that other artists have already contacted him: “I am currently working with AV or the singer Rema who made a hit with the title Calm down. I have lots of projects with these two artists.”

However, the artist wants to work with local artists: “I want to make Mauritian music known abroad. I am open to any proposal coming from local artists.”

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