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Deeya Seechurn: From Flight Attendant To Mental Health Coach

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Formerly a flight attendant, Deeya left a passion to embrace a noble cause. Now a mental health counselor, the 32-year-old from Cornwall helps people feel good about themselves, especially their minds.

Aviation has not stopped Deeya from staying down to earth.

With a penchant for interpersonal skills, she decided to make it her profession in March 2020: “As a flight attendant for six years, I learned a lot about interpersonal relationships. Then, during my flight hours, I met people who encouraged me to take a greater interest. So I left flying to take a coaching course in the United States, before setting up my own business as a personal development coach and ‘mental health counselor’ during the lockdown in March last year.”

Deeya praises her services to those who need emotional tools to overcome life’s ups and downs: “I help people overcome their fears, better manage their anxiety and panic attacks. Unfortunately, these are realities that we have all experienced at one time or another in our lives. Except that for some people, these situations seem insurmountable until they seek my services.

Moreover, the coach believes that mental disorders are still taboo in the country: “Mauritians, who consult me, do not want their relatives to know that they see a professional. This is not because of a concern for confidentiality, but more because of fear of what people will say. It’s a pity because a family supervision can help during a therapy,” said Deeya who is currently doing a master’s degree in counseling at the University of Mauritius.

Note that the coach can be reached via the following Facebook page: Seasons Personal Development Coach.

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