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Dalon Sings The Pangs Of Love!

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Singer Dalon is preparing to release a maxi 6 in early May 2024. This time, the artist sings about the torments of love.

Hénry Rotile

He’s done practically everything in his musical career. Everything? Perhaps not, but Dalon has yet to sing about the problems that emanate from the euphoric feeling that is love: “I’m currently working on a maxi six. There will be a sega, a reggae and four songs in a zouk style and its derivatives. The common thread running through these six tracks is that they were inspired by disappointment in love.”

The artist also plans to release the album in early May: “I hope to have everything completed by April of this year. If all goes well, I hope to have the opus on the market in May 2024.”

With this maxi 6, the singer also wants to make music videos: “At the moment, two clips are being finalized. Then we’ll get down to making the other clips for the tracks on the album,” explains Dalon.

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