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Copper Case: Sherry Singh And Danesh Ellayah Arrested And Provisionally Charged With Conspiracy To Defraud Mauritius Telecom

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Sherry Singh, former CEO of Mauritius Telecom, and Danesh Ellayah, a businessman, were questioned by the Special Striking Team on Friday, again in connection with the copper sales case. Their homes were subsequently searched.

Back at the Central Barracks, Sherry Singh and Danesh Ellayah were informed that they were under arrest for conspiracy to defraud Mauritius Telecom.

Both were provisionally charged with conspiracy to defraud Mauritius Telecom in the Port Louis Magistrates’ Court. They were both released on bail of Rs 50,000 and an IOU of Rs 300,000. No other conditions were imposed by the court.

As he left the courtroom, Sherry Singh expressed his disappointment at the turn of events and his hope that the case would be taken up by the courts as soon as possible. His lawyer, meanwhile, expressed her annoyance at being interrupted by a private citizen during her statement to the press.

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