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CID Makes A Series Of Arrests For Copper Theft

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An intelligence work, conducted by elements of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Eastern Division, has elucidated a series of thefts committed against the relay stations of the telephone operator Emtel in the East of the country for some time. Three alleged thieves were put out of business and an individual was imprisoned in the illicit trafficking of copper. This CID team, led by Inspector Sobnauth, is not ruling out the possibility that other suspects could be arrested.

Through intelligence work, the CID officers were able to catch the thieves. Indeed, the police officers got on the trail of brothers Roberto Jesson Achille and Louis Kenny Achille, aged 28 and 26 respectively. The two men were apprehended during a raid at their home in Morcellement Building, Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche on Monday, March 7.

The two men were questioned about the two thefts reported at the police stations of Centre de Flacq and Montagne-Blanche, and were quick to confess their involvement.  They incriminated a man named Nizam Ramsurrun as the person to whom they sold the copper cables.

A raid on their home resulted in the seizure of tools that they used to commit the thefts. Afterwards, they participated in a reenactment of the events and told the investigators where the crimes had been committed, including the relay stations of Bramsthan and Camp Garreau.

On Tuesday, March 8, Mahmed Essan Ramsurrun, alias Nizam, 51 years old and resident of Morcellement Roy, Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche, was arrested. During the police raid at his home, the police discovered where copper cables were burned. These cables were seized as evidence. The two Achilles brothers identified these cables as the ones they had sold to this man.

During the day on Tuesday, March 8, the three suspects were brought before the court in Flacq. Jesson and Kenny Achille were charged with a provisional charge of larceny two in number while Essan Ramssurun was charged with “illegal trafficking of stolen goods”. All three were taken back to the police cell.

The same CID team arrested Sarvesh Gopaul, 25 years old and resident of Camp Ithier, shortly after. This is another case of copper theft that was reported at the police station in Flacq on Monday, March 7. He confessed to the facts of the case. After his appearance in court, he was sent to the central prison of Beau-Bassin.

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