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Bruneau Laurette Testified In Court On Friday

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This Friday’s hearing in Moka court was marked by the hearing of Bruneau Laurette. The activist was questioned by his lawyer, Shakeel Mohamed. His hearing will continue Monday. The hearing was also marked by the hearing of Géraldine L’Autriche, Bruneau Laurette’s former wife and the mother of his daughter. She was questioned about the relationship between the activist and his daughter Jade. It should be noted that Shakeel Mohamed and Roshan Santokhee, the DPP representative, had a clash. This was after an objection was raised by the prosecution representative. The magistrate had to adjourn the session after the clash between the two men continued. It was only after a conciliation in the magistrate’s chambers that calm was restored.

Bruneau Laurette says that a few days before he was arrested, on Tik Tok, video showing his car and alleging that he will be arrested.

It should be remembered that the hearing of Bruneau Laurette will continue Monday in Moka court. Shakeel Mohamed suggested that the magistrate wants the proceedings to end. Then it will be time for the pleadings.

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