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Arantia Eléonore: Her Voice, Her Way…

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She is the female voice of Otentik Groove. Her passion for music goes back to her childhood. Meet Arantia Eléonore.

Arantia can’t imagine her life without music. Pushing the ditty since she was 6 years old, the young woman of 26 years old evolves today as a singer in the hotel circuit.

It was in 2016 that Arantia started making music professionally: “I got pregnant at 17. And I had to find a job to raise my child. But I wasn’t fulfilling myself at all in what I was doing. I quit everything to dedicate myself to singing in the hotel circuit. Before the lockdown, I was working seven days a week at several hotels around the country.”

Arantia Eléonore
Arantia plans to release a solo album next year.

In 2018, she had an encounter that would change her life a year later, “The Otentik Groove group needed an emergency singer for entertainment in a hotel. A friend put me in touch with the band’s leader, Chris Joe, and I went to sing with them for a night. One year later, the same Chris Joe called me to ask me to accompany his band on a tour abroad. I accepted and it was the first time I was traveling.

On the plane, she would find herself sitting next to Lin: “I told him I was afraid to fly. He sat next to me and made me laugh so hard that I completely forgot my fear. He was a beautiful person. I wish I had done more scenes with him.”

Now a member of Otentik Groove, Arantia remembers that the adjustment was not easy at first: “Before Otentik Groove, I was the lead singer in a band. I didn’t know how to sing backup. At first, I wasn’t good at what I was doing at all. But, Chris Joe and Jason Heerah believed in me and they guided me to become an accomplished backup singer and vocalist today.”

Otentik Groove
The artist is part of the Otentik Groove family.

In addition, the artist has also put her voice on the album of several other artists: “I was a backing vocalist on Jason Lejuste’s album Kol kole, then on the last album of Blakkayo and Sky to be. I also signed a duet with Jason Heerah on the album La famille which was a great experience for me.”

And if all goes well, Arantia plans to release a solo album by next year, “I’ve been doing a lot of writing during the lockdown. I might release a solo album next year.”

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