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Annaëlle Coret: Feet, Fists Riveted To The World Championships In October

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Annaëlle Coret brought home the silver medal at the last kick-boxing World Cup in Hungary. But, it is only a postponement. Since she intends to make a name for herself at the World Championships to be held in Italy next month. Apart from the podium, the Curepipian is aiming for gold in the 56 kg category.

Disappointed with her silver medal? No. Not at all. The goal now is to win gold at the next World Championship, which will be held in Italy from 15 to 24 October: “The final against the Polish during the World Cup was very strategic. I am satisfied with my silver medal. But I know that I can do better at the World Championships. Besides a place on the podium, I am aiming for gold,” explains Annaëlle, who is heading to Italy from Hungary today.

Annaëlle, 22 years old, discovered kick-boxing at a very early age: “It was my father who introduced me to this sport. My father introduced me to this sport. He was a fan of this sport himself. At 12 years old, I was already participating in national tournaments. In 2016, I participated for the first time in the World Kickboxing Championships. I had taken 3rd place in my category.”

Annaëlle Coret
Annaëlle hopes to win gold at the World Championships in October 2021.

That same year, she went on to other tournaments that would also do well for her, “In Mauritius, I won gold, and then I took 2nd place at the Junior Championship in Ireland.”

Then she stepped away from the ring for two years to focus on her studies.

In 2019, she is back and takes a 3rd place at the Full-Contact Championship in Turkey. Also in 2019, she won a gold medal in a tournament pitting the Mauritian fencers against the Turkish.

Her participation in the World Championship in Hungary marked her first outing in an international competition for two years due to Covid-19.

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