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Alleged Theft Of Wood : Joseph Kinsley Perrine Says He Is Not A Repeat Offender

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Joseph Kinsley Perrine asked Roshi Bhadain to withdraw his comments of December 10. Roshi Bhadain was arrested last Friday in connection with a teak wood theft case.

On his way out of the Port-Louis district court, he had called Joseph Kinsley Perrine a “recidivist”.

This Monday, December 20, in the company of his lawyer, Me. Taij Dabychurn, Joseph Kinsley Perrine maintained that he is not a repeat offender but a simple carpenter. He plans to file a criminal defamation suit against all those who called him a repeat offender and a rapist.

The case dates back to 2010. The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) had opened an investigation into the disappearance of teak planks from a warehouse of the former Development Works Corporation in Pailles. This wood came from the Aapravasi Ghat and the Government House.

During the investigation, Joseph Kinsley Perrine was arrested and confessed to the theft. He had claimed that some of the wood was destined for Roshi Bhadain’s house in Albion.

At the time, the lawyer explained to the CID that he had solicited Bijaycoomar Greedharry, who was a client of his, to do the work.

Joseph Kinsley Perrine went on to say that Roshi Bhadain has tarnished his reputation. However, he said he would leave it to the police to investigate the matter.

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