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Alan Ganoo Calls For Unity Among Members Of GM Alliance

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“We should work together and not dig pits for people of the same side to fall into!” That was the message of Minister Alan Ganoo, leader of the Muvman Patriot Mauricien’s. He was participating in a meeting with the Regionale of the MPM in constituency 18. It is no secret that Minister Kavy Ramano and PPS Tania Diolle, the two government representatives in constituency no 18, do not get along.

Alan Ganoo in constituency 18 Alan Ganoo in constituency 18 Alan Ganoo in constituency 18

Alan Ganoo spoke indirectly about that conflict. He said that members of the government alliance were openly campaigning against PPS Tania Diolle in the constituency. For him, it is inconceivable that people belonging to the same alliance would stab Tania Diolle in the back. He insisted that unity should be the target of everyone in Government.

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