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After Maldives, Bangladesh’s BNP Party, Launches ‘India Out’ Movement

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The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is leading the alarming ‘India Out’ movement in Bangladesh, which has recently gained traction. This movement is similar to one that the Maldives launched to strain their relations with India. Given its historical origins in anti-Indian sentiments and its status as the main opposition party in Bangladesh, the BNP’s choice to spearhead such a movement raises serious worries about the possible outcomes.

Following widespread allegations that the BNP was an ultra-Islamist group and that US courts had classified it as a Tier-III terrorist organisation, the party started the ‘India Out’ campaign. Phrases like “India is not Bangladesh’s friend” and “India is destroying Bangladesh” have appeared, with internet activists trying to stir up anti-Indian sentiment on social media sites not only in Bangladesh but also reaching out to Nepal.

According to reports, Tarique Rahman, the interim chairman of the BNP and a convicted terrorist who operates out of London, is the mastermind behind the “India Out” movement. Hatred has been disseminated by the BNP’s cyber branch on social media; particular incidents have been reported on sites like Twitter.

It should be noted that following Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s 1975 killing, military dictator Maj Gen Ziaur Rahman created the Bangladesh Nationalist Party in 1978.

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