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Adar Poonawalla Urges UN And WTO For Global Vaccination Certificate

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The CEO of Serum Institute of India, Adar Poonawalla suggested globalizing certification of vaccines to international level organisations such as United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

He said “Multilateral organisations like the UN and the WTO should take it upon themselves to harmonise the certification of vaccines especially ahead of another pandemic as witnessed one induced by the COVID-19 virus that has badly hit the global economies.”

Making this clarion call at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore on Monday, Poonawalla said “I’m proposing it (such a certification treaty).” “The world needs it if we want to be prepared in the future”, he added.

Challenges for Covid-19 vaccines’ certification

Responding to a question on lessons learned from COVID-19, Poonawalla was quick to acknowledge the challenges of having such a proposal given the concerns of world leaders.

He said, “I will keep advocating for it (the proposal), though getting the world leaders to agree on anything is extremely difficult.”

Poonawalla evoked various international agreements made on climate-related treaties. “They (the leaders) will have to take it up, and I am confident that India will play its part in spearheading such a crucial effort.” When asked if India could take up this crucial global project, he said, “One country can’t drive it. Given the differing demographics that must be taken into account, several countries have numerous concerns.

During the conference, he listed many hurdles faced in the supply of vaccines. He mentioned difficulties in the supply of vaccines at border crossings. There were also issues faced at approving vaccine certificates and clinical trial papers in the initial days of the pandemic. He apprised PTI, an Indian news agency about his varied plans to further vaccine and health-related business for the good of mankind as well as diversifying his business.

Poonawalla said he is seeking a partnership with a global group to bring to India a brand that can help uplift health insurance for the people. He underlined the ongoing investments in related businesses as well as one non-banking finance company in the country.

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