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Accountant Pockets Nearly Rs 100,000 With Stolen Cheques

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A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a 33-year-old accountant living on rue Edgar Laurent, Port-Louis, for the theft of ten cheques from his employer. The accountant, who sells motorcycles and spare parts, was audited and found to have stolen Rs 99,396 over the past four months. This was after company cheques were stolen, some altered and his signature forged.

The 65-year-old company director, who lives in the coastal village of Baie du Tombeau, went to the Casernes Centrales police station on the afternoon of Tuesday June 27 to report a case of embezzlement. The 60-year-old explained that he had recruited an accountant to work for his company since February 21, 2023. On June 21, following an audit of the company’s account, he found that six company cheques had been stolen. A check made on his bank’s internet banking service surprised him to learn that between May 11 and June 1, 2023, a total sum of Rs had been pocketed by his accountant.

On closer inspection, he discovered that the amount on four other cheques had been increased, whereas on the counter cheques, the amount was lower. In the end, a sum of Rs 99,396 was embezzled to the detriment of his company. As he is the person authorized to sign these cheques, they were forged and withdrawals made without his authorization.

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