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A Pupil Beaten In The Precincts Of His School

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For no apparent reason, a 9-year-old boy was assaulted in the courtyard of the Raffray morcellement government school in Le Hochet, Terre Rouge during the day on Monday March 27. The injured child was taken to the northern hospital by his parents for treatment.

On the morning of Thursday March 30, this schoolboy accompanied by his father went to the Terre Rouge police station to report a case of assault. In his complaint he explained that during recess on Monday March 27, he was in the courtyard of his school when a pupil of grade 5, whose name he does not know, approached him before kicking him. head with a plastic water bottle he was holding in his right hand.

The same day after school hours around 3 p.m., he was approached by a group of school children. They started beating him all over his body. Injured, this schoolboy who lives in the locality related this affair to his parents. He was taken to the northern hospital where he received treatment. He was later allowed to return home after undergoing several tests.

A police investigation has been opened into this case at the Terre-Rouge police station.

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