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40-Year-Old Man Alleges Kidnapping And Theft

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A 47-year-old resident of Plaine-Verte says he was forcibly taken from his home by four individuals late Friday afternoon, December 30. The thugs, two of whom were brothers, one working in a supermarket in Surinam. These men took him to the Central Barracks police station and accused him of stealing their money from an ATM of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) branch at SSR Street.

In his complaint made at the police station of Plaine-Verte around 9:30 pm on Friday, December 30, this forty-year-old explained that he was at home when these four men burst in. The two brothers pulled him by force to make him go down the stairs. The other two men hit him in the face. While he was struggling with them, he injured his left knee.

On the street he was forced into a car. The car drove in the direction of Vallée-Pitot. During the trip his cell phone rang. The security guard who was sitting on his right had to take his phone. He and his brother then had to forcibly remove her silver ring with a black stone that was on her right finger. The men were also arguing about whether to put him in the trunk of the car or not.

He was taken to the Central Barracks police station where they alleged that he robbed their officers in front of the MCB counter on SSR Street. The police officers of this station were supposed to take him to the police station of Trou-Fanfaron, but these thugs who accused him never showed up. The forty-year-old was then taken to the Plaine-Verte police station to make a statement. The value of his ring and cell phone that were stolen is estimated at Rs 4500.

An investigation has been initiated to know the motive of this alleged kidnapping.

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