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30 Years Of Imprisonment For Jonathan Pierre Louis For Killing Mistress

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On 4th June 2021, Judge J. Moutou-Leckning sentenced Jonathan Pierre Louis to 30 years imprisonment for the manslaughter of Marie Cindy Frizila Foolchund committed on the 27th February 2018.

Jonathan and Cindy have been in an extra marital affair for about a year. The victim, mother of three minor children, often left her marital home to meet the accused at his domicile at Bambous. On the 27th February 2018, Jonathan asked the victim to meet him at Bambous. Her refusal led Jonathan to smash his phone on the ground in a fit of anger. Despite this incident, they both met in the afternoon. After strolling around for a bit, they went in a bush behind l’Ecole Hôtelière in Ebene.

Whilst having sex, a request from Jonathan met by a refusal from Cindy which escalated quickly into another fight between the two lovers. The accused made an issue of the fact that she did not want to meet him earlier that day. Jonathan explained that he lost his temper and slapped the victim violently on the face. He proceeded to beat her on the head and knee with a piece of wood. The victim tried to reason him out and told him: “Bebe, assez, assez to pou alle ferme.”

Despite the pleas of the victim, the accused did not stop. Jonathan had resolved himself, given that his actions would land him in prison in any event, it would not make any difference if he goes on to kill the victim. Already in agonizing pain, Cindy fell on her back and was desperately gasping for breath. The accused then smashed a piece of tarmac on her stomach and neck. He stated that upon seeing Cindy still alive, he used a heavy piece of concrete block to crush it on her body as an attempt to ascertain her death. Jonathan left Cindy unattended and bleeding profusely to death.

Despite acknowledging the presence of mitigating circumstances, the judge mentioned that the court ‘cannot overlook the seriousness of the offence.’ She emphasized on the circumstances of the crime, including the fact that there were several attempts at killing the victim and the manner in which he left the victim to die unattended. Before giving a sentence of 30 years, Judge J. Moutou-Leckning states: “It is the duty of our Courts … to send a strong signal to those misogynous killing of women by men motivated by hatred, pleasure, contempt or a sense of ownership over women.”

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