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Zimbabwe Police Arrests 25 Opposition Party Members, Alarming This Year’s Presidential Election

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In Harare, Zimbabwean police released teargas at the members of the opposition party, the Citizens Coalition for Charge (CCC), on Saturday and arrested 25 of them, including two members of parliament, it stated.

The arrests came after a series of politically-stimulating violence against the opposition supporters in rural Zimbabwe, creating an alarming situation right before the upcoming presidential election which are not yet declared.

The police, on confirming the arrests of the members of the Citizens Coalition for Charge, said a statement will be released ensuing further inquiry on the same.

Paul Nyathi, a police spokesperson said, “It was an unsanctioned gathering according to the local authorities. I am receiving numerous reports that people were beaten, we will release a full statement in due course”.

This morning about 15 kilometers away from central Harare, a private internal meeting was conducted at the private quarters of one of the members in Budiriro township.

Fadzayi Mahere, CCC spokesperson, informed British news agency Reuters that “It wasn’t open to the public at all. The Maintenance of Peace and Order Act only applies to public meetings in a public place.”

She stated that the police forces released teargas at the gathered members and thrashed them before they were packed into a police truck.

The Zimbabwean law states that any political party holding a meeting is required to provide prior notice to the authorities.

Mahere stated, “Zanu PF must stop abusing the police to stifle competition”.

Under the leadership of Nelson Chamisa, CCC will compete with ZANU-PF’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa for the second time after he lost the 2018 vote.

The opposition party, born from the old Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), having urban support is viewed as a threat to ZANU-PF’s 43-year-old powerful grip.

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