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Two Schoolchildren Reported For Behavioral Problems

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A grade six teacher filed a complaint against two of her students at the Trou-Fanfaron police station on Tuesday afternoon, February 14.  This is because they pushed her at the exit of the class and she injured her shoulder. These two schoolboys, she says, have a serious behavioral problem towards schoolboys and teachers.

It was at a government school in the capital that this incident occurred on Tuesday, February 14. The 26-year-old from Flacqua gave a history of her experience in the teaching profession. She has been assigned to this school since August 2021 where she teaches grades 1-6. She has identified two students in a grade 6 class, ages 11 and 12 respectively, who are well beaten and misbehave with school children as well as teachers.

These two students became uncontrollable. On Tuesday, February 14, at about 3:25 p.m., she asked the students to line up and leave the classroom. Suddenly, these two students began to misbehave before shoving her out of the classroom. She injured her shoulder when she bumped into a door.

The Child Development Unit of the Ministry of Gender Equality was informed about this case.

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