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China Banks Appeal For Relaxation Of Documentation Rigid Rules To Ease Funds Flow-Sources

Bankers have urged regulators to relax some of the documentation rules. "We had to have discussions in each city with each regulator - which...

Public Notice: Scam Alert – “ACLASSBANK”

The public is hereby informed that an entity by the name of “ACLASSBANK”, purporting to be an investment company registered with the Corporate and...

The Central Bank Digital Currency And Monetary Policy Framework

This article will throw some lights on the perspective of the monetary policy objective and CBDC. One of the basic assumption I made in...

Banking Services: SBM Plaine-Verte Moves To New Premises At SSR Street

In its quest to further enhance the level of service for its customers and the general public, SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd is pursuing its...

Time To Buy The Chinese ‘Dip’?

Regulatory Crackdown And Zero Covid Policy And Investors Are Fleeing, Others Are Piling In! "The Gem cannot be polished without friction..." China has been gracious, extremely...
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