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Suspect Arrested For Theft Of Rs 600,000 Worth Of Jewellery In Triolet

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Six days after a complaint about a burglary at the home of a woman in her sixties in Trois Boutiques, Triolet, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Trou aux Biches nabbed Karan Seegoolam, a 31-year-old resident of the same locality. He was arrested on the morning of Friday 11 August and confessed to being the perpetrator of the burglary, taking gold jewellery worth Rs 600,000. Part of the stolen goods was recovered.

After a meticulous investigation, the men of the Trou aux Biches CID, under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent of Police Jankeeparsad Buchoo, raided the home of Karan Seegoolam in Trois Boutiques, Triolet. The suspect was made aware of the charges against him before the officers searched his house.

Karan Seegoolam
Karan Seegoolam

Six bracelets, two rings and a chain were found. Confronted with this evidence, Karan Seegoolam had no choice but to admit his guilt. On Friday 11 August, he was brought before the Pamplemousses court on a provisional charge of theft. As the police objected to his release on parole, he was kept in a cell.

On the afternoon of 5 August, a 59-year-old meter reader for the Central Electricity Board gave a statement at Triolet police station. He lives in the same village as his 62-year-old sister, who reported the theft. According to his version, the jewellery was stolen between 20 July and 5 August at around 2.15pm.

He reported the theft of ten batana bracelets, a haar chain, three chains, six pendants and two rings. He said he could identify the stolen jewellery.

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