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Somalia’s Constitutional Amendment Allows President To Appoint PM

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On Saturday, Somalia passed important constitutional amendments that gave the president the power to name and remove the prime minister. This decision was made after lengthy discussions in the federal assembly in Mogadishu and was approved by a significant majority of parliament.

The Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission’s (ICRIC) suggested modifications were closely examined. The head of the Constitutional Review Committee, Hussein Idow, declared that three draft clauses pertaining to religion will be examined more closely to make sure they matched Somali ideals and beliefs.

After nearly ten years of deliberation, these revisions gained traction in the latter part of 2023. Their objective is to tackle protracted political conflicts in Somalia, including the power battles between prime ministers and presidents, which are frequently incentivized by vague constitutional provisions.

A significant modification is the appointment of a prime minister by the president, which takes the place of the prior need for votes of legislative confidence. In order to alleviate tensions resulting from the distribution of authority and resources across clans and areas, this modification aims to give more flexibility in governance.

A multi-party system is encouraged by the modified constitution, which also institutes a five-year term limit for government entities and calls regional state heads presidents.

On the other hand, a number of political personalities, including state and previous presidents, are against these modifications due to concerns about the lack of agreement.

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