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Sherry Singh’s Interrogation Continues This Friday

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Sherry Singh was held up all day on Thursday 14 July. The outcome of this day was that the ex-CEO of Mauritius Telecom will be questioned again on Friday 15 July. He is represented by Lawyer Gavin Glover, who made it clear that “this is only the beginning of a long investigation“.

Course of the day

He was summoned to the Central Barracks for this Thursday at 09:30. He arrived on time but left around 10:30. This was following a personal request from his lawyer, Gavin Glover, to the Police Commissioner, Anil Kumar Dip, “due to court business,” he explained. The next appointment was set for 1.45pm on the same Thursday afternoon. His interrogation lasted until 3.15pm. When they left, they did not say a word about the day’s questioning by elements of the ACP, Heman Jangi. However, Mr Gavin Glover told the press that “My client will not comment and will not comment on the interrogation… In view of the questions asked, this is just the beginning of a long investigation.” The questioning will resume on Friday at a time agreed between the Police and Gavin Glover.

Causes of the summons

Sherry Singh was summoned to the CCID following a complaint by the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth on Monday 11 July, where he has been charged with three offences: Breach of Information & Communication Technologies Act (ICTA), Diffusion of False News and Criminal Defamation. This follows open allegations of “sniffing” by Sherry Singh towards the Prime Minister on Radio Plus’ Heart of the News programme with Nawaz Noorbux on 01 July. He will also be asked about the information he picked up on Axcel Chenney’s programme on Tuesday 12 July, on the Express.mu called Sherry Singh’s Other Step. During the day, Sherry Singh was serene. At a press briefing on Wednesday 13 July at his home in Ebene, Sherry Singh had demonstrated his serenity towards the situation which he explained by his conviction. “I feel neither pain nor pleasure, I am not thinking about victory or defeat. I am focused on my mission of exposing the truth and bringing the people together“, he said.

A strong police mobilization was noted during the day at the Central Barracks, including elements of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) on guard at the building where the interrogations were held. The same arrangements will be made on Friday 15 July.

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