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Reopening Of Borders: Business Mauritius Calls For Solidarity

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In view of the reopening of the borders, scheduled for October 1st, Business Mauritius reiterates its support to the authorities in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. The association strongly believes that the population has a leading role to play in order to ensure the success of this crucial step in the economic recovery. It calls on the population to show patriotism, because it is by being united and responsible that the country will succeed in containing the virus.

The association wishes to reiterate its support to the authorities in the fight against Covid-19. Despite the recent increase in the number of positive cases, Business Mauritius has noted that the number of severe symptomatic cases is stable. It also has the assurance of the public health services that they are still able to treat severe Covid-19 patients. Some private health facilities are also able to treat patients and are in discussion with the authorities.

Business Mauritius reminds that vaccination against the coronavirus and the strict respect of the barrier gestures are today part of the only bulwarks we have against the virus. The association notes that, to date, more than 80% of the eligible adult population has received a first dose of vaccine and that special attention is given to vulnerable people.

Business Mauritius asks companies and employees to continue to act responsibly by strictly adhering to the health protocols in place. The association recommends that telecommuting be favored whenever possible and that barrier measures in the workplace be maintained.

Let’s protect ourselves and others in order to succeed in reopening our borders, a crucial step for the economic recovery.

About Business Mauritius

Business Mauritius is an independent association representing over 1,200 Mauritian companies. It coordinates the private sector in supporting the progress of businesses and the community. The entity operates around three axes: economic development, social capital development, and sustainable and inclusive development. The Board of Directors of Business Mauritius consists of nine partner members (sectoral organizations) as well as six elected officers.

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