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Rajesh Bhagwan Suspended For The Next Five Sittings, Joanna Bérenger For The Next Three Sittings

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When proceedings resumed after the vote on the motion to suspend Joanna Berenger, the Speaker said that he had been called several names by MP Rajesh Bhagwan. Hence his decision to name him. Steven Obeegadoo moved a motion for his suspension for today’s sitting and the next five.

Having been named by the Speaker, Joanna Berenger was suspended for today’s sitting and the next three sittings. The motion was moved by Deputy Prime Minister Steven Obeegadoo.

Joanna Berenger was named by the Speaker on Tuesday afternoon after she was contesting the expulsion of Paul Berenger and Rajesh Bhagwan. This was during the debate on the Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2022-2023. After Reza Uteem’s intervention, Paul Bérenger started to make remarks about the Speaker. The latter retorted. This quickly escalated. As a result, Paul Bérenger was expelled. Rajesh Bhagwan also ! Joanna Bérenger was finally named after uttering some words towards the Speaker. The rest of the opposition made a walk-out afterwards to boycott Alan Ganoo who was to be the next speaker.

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