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Public Transport Workers Threaten To Strike If Sanitary Measures Are Not Implemented

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The situation of covid 19 in Mauritius requires urgent measures according to the Union of Bus Industry Workers (UBIW) Hence the demand of the union for the reintroduction of social distancing in public transport.

At a press conference on Tuesday, November 16, Alain Kistnen, secretary of the union, emphasized the need for emergency measures, as the situation is worrisome. Nearly 90 public transit employees from different companies have contracted the virus.

He also pointed out that public transportation is considered an important vector of covid 19.

Hence his request to the authorities to allow one passenger per seat in the buses, regardless of whether they normally accommodate two or three seats. According to him, the buses should also be disinfected daily.

Ashok Subron of the GWF, the union negotiator, threatened a strike by transport workers if the demand was not met.

He noted that the union will have a meeting with the Minister of Transport on Wednesday 17 November and hopes that things will go in the right direction.

Because according to him, the number of deaths related to covid 19 is worrying. He also asks the cabinet of ministers to address the social issue distancing in public transport.

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