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Proposed 14th Month: Roshi Bhadain Deplores The Opposition’s Total Lack Of Responsibility

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The Reform Party leader is categorical. The payment of a 14th month will not solve the problem of inflation. For Roshi Bhadain, this proposal stems from a lack of responsibility on the part of the opposition. He maintains that most small and medium-sized enterprises will not be able to pay the 14th month. Roshi Bhadain also criticised the government. For him, we are witnessing a situation where the government and the opposition are raising the stakes to show who is going to give more to the population.

According to Roshi Badhain, on the eve of the general elections, the parliamentary opposition has embarked on such a proposition. The Reform Party leader is of the opinion that the solution is to consolidate the economy while the value of the rupee strengthens.

Roshi Badhain took the opportunity to announce that his next meeting is scheduled for December 8 in Beau-Bassin. At the rally, the 80 reforms proposed by the party will be detailed.

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