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North Korea Claims Successful Launch of Spy Satellite In Its Third Attempt

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With its third successful launch attempt of the year on Wednesday, North Korea asserted that it had successfully launched a spy satellite into orbit, highlighting the country’s resolve to develop a space-based surveillance system amid protracted hostilities with the United States.

However, because North Korea is prohibited by the United Nations from launching satellites and views them as a cover for testing missile technology, the launch was bound to draw harsh criticism from the US and its allies.

In a statement, the North Korea’s space authorities said that their space launch vehicle successfully launched the Malligyong-1 satellite into orbit on Tuesday night, following a planned flight and takeoff from the nation’s primary launch facility.

According to the statement, Kim Jong Un, the leader, witnessed the launch. It stated that more would be launched soon and that the fired spy satellite would improve North Korea’s war readiness in reaction to hostile military actions by its rivals.

Japan and South Korea had previously reported that they had seen the North Korean launch. For a brief period, the Japanese government advised Okinawan citizens to seek shelter underground or inside buildings after issuing a J-Alert missile warning. The military of South Korea said that it closely coordinates with Japan and the United States to maintain its readiness.

One of the most important military assets that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is vying for is a spy satellite. He wants to update his armaments in order to counter what he perceives as growing threats from the United States. Earlier this year, North Korea made two unsuccessful attempts to launch a spy satellite, caused by technical problems.

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