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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Hat Auctioned For $2.1 Million At Paris

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat from his 19th-century reign over France sold for €1.9 million ($2.1 million; £1.7 million) at a Paris auction. The estimated value of the bicorne black beaver felt hat ranged from €600,000 to €800,000 ($6,55,323-$8,73,796).

The buyer of the hat has not identified themselves.

Historians claim that his trademark included the hat. In combat, his sideways wear made him easily identifiable. Over the years, he accumulated about 120 bicorne hats.

There are only estimated to be 20, many of which are in private collections.

The hat and other items of Napoleonic memorabilia assembled by an industrialist who passed away last year are being auctioned off.

As part of his “en bataille” attire, the emperor wore his hat with the corns parallel to his shoulders, while the majority of his officers wore their hats perpendicular to their shoulders.

The auctioneers claimed that this hat has a flawless provenance, having been in the family of Napoleon’s palace quartermaster for the entire 19th century.

A silver plate that was taken from Napoleon’s carriage following his defeat at Waterloo in 1815 and a wooden vanity case that contained razors, a silver toothbrush, scissors, and other personal items are among the other items up for auction.

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