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Two Cité La Cure Residents Arrested For Diesel Theft

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“Missie nou fek kokin sa dan enn kamyon dan la kour Mon Quincaillerie”. This is the confession made by one of two suspects after being stopped by a team of “Special Night Surveillance” police officers in the early hours of Monday morning, November 20, on rue New Sainte Marie, Sainte Croix. They were carrying two raffia bags and a backpack in which they had placed plastic containers containing diesel fuel. The two suspects arrested, who live in Cité La Cure, are Jeofrey Clifford Manuel Leung Wan Sung, 24, and Jean Clarel Andielo Clou, 22. The value of the stolen diesel is estimated at Rs 1,550.

It was 00:01 on the morning of Monday November 20. Four police officers from Special Night Surveillance, including Sergeant Yu Sui Leung, were on patrol in a vehicle along rue New Sainte Marie, Sainte Croix. They had to stop two suspicious-looking individuals. Each was carrying a raffia bag, and one was also carrying a backpack.

After revealing their identities, the police had to search the bags they were carrying. Two ten-litre plastic containers were found in each of the bags. They were almost filled with diesel fuel and a piece of garden hose. The backpack contained another five-liter plastic container with diesel.

When questioned, Jeofrey Leung Wan Sung had to declare, “Missie nou fek kokin sa dan enn kamyon dan la kour Mon Quincaillerie”. They were arrested and the exhibits seized. Clarel Clou in turn told the police, “missie nou kapav montre ou ki kote sa”. They did indeed lead the police to Mon Quincaillerie. Jeofrey Leung Wan Sung showed them a metal door to the left of the hardware store, which he and his friend passed through to enter the yard. He also showed the policemen the truck on which they removed diesel from the tank with the piece of hose.

The two suspects were taken to the Abercrombie, St. Croix police station for investigation. They were subsequently brought before the Port Louis court on a provisional charge of diesel theft.

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