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Motorcyclist Killed On Goodlands Bypass

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The road claimed another victim this Tuesday morning, October 11 on the Goodlands Bypass. A 23-year-old motorcyclist was killed after being hit in the right side of a car driven by a woman. A doctor from the Emergency Medical Service (Samu) was called to the scene and was only able to confirm the death of the motorcyclist. The latter, who lived at Pointe des Lascars, is the eighty-first victim on our roads since the beginning of this year. The body of this motorcyclist was transported to the morgue of the hospital Dr. A.G. Jeetoo, Port-Louis to be autopsied.

Goodlands Bypass accident

It was around 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning, October 11, that this accident occurred. The motorcyclist was driving on the Bypass of Goodlands when he was hit by a car of the brand Toyota, a 36 year old woman living in Poudre d’Or Hamlet. Both vehicles were coming from the direction of the Poudre d’Or traffic circle and were driving towards Daruty on the Bypass Road, Goodlands. The driver was about to turn right to enter Astoria Road, when the motorcycle, which was coming just behind, collided head-on with the right side of the Toyota. At the time of this accident, the driver was about to drop off her son at a government elementary school. The police found that a wooden pylon of the BEC was broken at that location.

Goodlands Bypass accident

Seriously injured, the motorcyclist ended up on the asphalt. The Goodlands police station and an ambulance from Samu were alerted. Unfortunately, the doctor had to declare the motorcyclist dead. His body was taken to the Dr. Jeetoo Hospital morgue for autopsy by Dr. Maxwell Monvoisin, Principal Police Medical Officer.

Goodlands Bypass accident

An investigation has been initiated to determine the exact circumstances of this accident. The driver was given a breathalyzer test which was negative. She suffered minor injuries and was taken to the North Hospital for treatment.

Goodlands Bypass accident

The motorcyclist is Bisento Anjelo Frank Rochecouste.

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