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Medine: 92 Hectares For A Residential And Commercial Parcel In Pierrefonds

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The Médine Group is preparing to start a major residential and commercial project in Pierrefonds, Palma. About 1500 plots of land will be offered for sale to buyers. The project is spread over 92 hectares, which are currently under sugarcane cultivation.

435 lots will be dedicated to the residential project while 67 lots will be dedicated to commercial projects. The developer of the project has also planned to develop 38 green spaces.

According to the EIA report by KDA Geosystems, the site is suitable for this type of development because it has a fauna and flora that “have no ecological interest”. In addition, it is devoid of sensitive areas such as a river and wetlands.

The developer maintains that this development project is in line with the government’s intention to create new housing. He also indicates that this project will create employment in the construction sector.

“Such activities in the region will create dynamism within several industries and will boost up the level of income of a local and regional level, while enhancing job opportunities through the multiplier mechanism. Hence, the proposed development has the potential to contribute to the standard of living in the region,” the EIA report states. Once the state has given the go-ahead for the project, the Medine Group plans to start clearing the site over a period of 24 months to install essential facilities such as water, electricity, sewage system, etc.

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