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L’oiseau De Mauvais Augure: All-Good For Young Illustrator Krishav Sanayasi

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On Wednesday 22 November, Amarnath Hosany launched his latest book, L’oiseau de mauvais augure. What makes this book special is that it has been illustrated by a drawing prodigy in the person of 10-year-old Krishav Swarit Sanayasi.

Hénry Rotile

The initial text by Amarnath Hosany was part of the collection ‘Ecrire, peindre, peut-être’ (Write, paint, maybe) published in 2021. Intiated by the author Issa Asgarally, the book is based on the oil spill caused by the Wakasio.

Two years later, Amarnath met someone who gave him an idea: “At a book signing, I met Swadha, Krishav’s mother. She had come to sign a book for her son Krishav. She told me about her son’s talent for drawing. I met him and was amazed to see his drawings and other paintings. That’s how I came up with the idea of taking the text of The bird of ill omen and turning it into an album, with Krishav signing the illustrations.

Amarnath Hosany and Krishav Swarit Sanayasi
Amarnath Hosany and Krishav Swarit Sanayasi

Like a grown-up, the young illustrator submitted his first sketches within two weeks: “It was a very rewarding experience. I was enthusiastic about working on this project and I hope one day to have another similar experience as an illustrator.”

As a reminder, the story of the book takes place on an island where the inhabitants are exclusively animals. Flying higher than the other inhabitants of the island, it is the Straw-tailed bird that first sees the oil slick caused by the Wakasio. He tries to warn his fellow creatures, but to no avail. They give no credence to what he says, and go so far as to accuse the Strawtail of being a bird of ill omen…

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