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Indonesia: Woman’s Body Found Inside 16-Feet Long Python

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A woman was first killed and then swallowed full by a python in Indonesia’s province of Jambi, claimed the local reports. A rubber tapper in her 50s, Jahrah went to work at a rubber plantation on Sunday morning before the incident took place. 

When she did not return home till late, a police search party was sent for by Jahrah’s family who filed a complaint. The next day the search party found a python with a huge stomach. 

Finding this suspicious, the villagers tore apart the snake and found the woman’s body inside. The python was 16-feet long. Betara Jambi police chief AKP S Harefa told local media that the victim was found inside the snake’s stomach and her body appeared to be largely intact when it was found. 

This is not one of a kind incident that happened in Indonesia, as, a 54-year-old woman’s body was found inside a 7-metre-long in 2018. 

AKP S Harefa also told the media that Jahrah’s husband found a few clothes of hers and tools at the plantation which made him call for her search. 

Pythons consume their meals whole. They can manoeuvre around enormous prey because the ligaments holding their mouths together are extremely flexible.

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