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In Triolet: At 66, He Kills His Brother Over A Matter Of Inheritance

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An umpteenth dispute broke out between the two brothers of the Soodeelah family on rue Indira Gandhi, Triolet late on the afternoon of Tuesday July 4. It was over a matter of inheritance. Gheeanchand Soodeelah, 67, struck his brother, Suttish Soodeelah, a 56-year-old security guard, several times in the head with an iron bar. The latter succumbed to his injuries. The autopsy performed on his body attributed his death to a fractured skull. Gheeanchand Soodeelah was arrested and brought before the Pamplemousses court on Wednesday morning, July 5. He is facing a provisional charge of murder.

In the space of 48 hours, two cases of murder have been recorded in the northern division. On Sunday afternoon, July 2, Vedanand Issen, 37, also known as Long resident Sandokan Road, Petit Raffray, was stabbed in the neck in Diagonal Road, Trois Botiques, Petit Raffray. His assailant was none other than his friend, Moonishwar Athal, known as Rakesh, a 48-year-old bricklayer. Rakesh explained that the victim had been messing with him for some time. In an attempt to defend himself, he snatched the knife from the victim.

A team from the Triolet police station arrived at the Soodeelah family home at around 3.50pm on Tuesday July 4. This followed a request made earlier concerning a dispute between two brothers. Meanwhile, the irreparable had already happened. The two brothers had been drinking together when this umpteenth argument broke out over a matter of inheritance. In a fit of anger. Gheeanchand Soodeelah took an iron bar and struck his brother Suttish on the head several times.

When the police arrived, one of their nephews pointed out a concrete house where the alleged suspect lives with the victim on the ground floor. Sergeant Pyneandee, under the supervision of Chief Inspector Seeballuck, entered the house through the main door. A person was found bleeding from the head in a prone position at the end of a corridor. Blood was scattered on the floor near the body. The victim was identified as Suttish Soodeelah, who was not breathing.

The house was secured as a crime scene and forensic technicians were dispatched to the scene. After they had collected clues and taken samples, Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the police forensic department, carried out an initial examination of the body before it was transported to the morgue of the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis. Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis, for an autopsy on the evening of Tuesday July 4. He concluded that Suttish Soodeelah died of a fractured skull.

Meanwhile in Triolet, on the basis of certain information, a team from the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit, led by Sergeant Gunga, went to a building on Route Royale, Triolet opposite the J.Kalachand building, where Gheeanchand Soodeelah was arrested. The 60-year-old, who was handed over to investigators from the Trou aux Biches Criminal Investigation Division (CID), was quick to confess that he was the one who had assaulted his brother. He stated that, during an argument, he pushed his brother against a wall, causing him to fall.

After his arrest, he was placed in the Piton detention center. He appeared in Pamplemousses court on Wednesday morning, July 5, before being returned to his cell.

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