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In Karo Kaliptis: Hostile Crowd Opposes CID Recovery Of Stolen Car

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It was with great difficulty that a team of police officers from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Terre Rouge had to face a hostile crowd to recover a stolen car from a street in Karo Kaliptis, Roche Bois on Friday August 25. The car, a Toyota Carina Saloon, was stolen from its owner on the evening of Wednesday and Thursday August 24 in Riche Terre. The blue car is worth Rs 40,000.

A 59-year-old entrepreneur reported the theft from his car, which was parked opposite his yard on Route Royale, Riche Terre, to the Terre Rouge police station on the morning of Thursday August 24. Her yard is not fenced and anyone could have access to it. At the time the car was stolen, the ignition key was in his possession. He suspects that the theft took place between 10 p.m. on Wednesday August 23 and 6 a.m. on Thursday August 24.

The investigation in this case was entrusted to the men of Inspector Neetish Ramburrun of the Terre Rouge CID. During the day on Friday August 25, a team of seven CID officers went to Karo Kaliptis, Roche Bois, on the basis of specific information. The stolen car was found parked near a store.

The vehicle’s doors were unlocked, the front wheel was punctured and the rim damaged. At this precise moment, there was a crowd. These hostile people surrounded the car and the police officers. The owner was contacted and asked to come to the scene with a spare key.

It was with great difficulty that these police officers managed to remove the car from this location on the instructions of Inspector Ramburrun. The vehicle was taken to the Terre Rouge police station for examination by forensic technicians.

Copper wires were found in the trunk of the car. A suspect who has been identified as the perpetrator of the theft is being actively sought. The case is being investigated by Assistant Superintendent of Police Jankeeparsad Buchoo of the Northern Division CID.

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