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France: Thousands Take To The Streets Against The Health Pass

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Massive crowds took to the streets of the French capital on Saturday. Several thousand demonstrators marched along the Boulevard Saint-Marcel in the south-east of the city towards the Place de la Bastille. This was just a few days after the start of the new school year and the launch of a vaccination campaign for the over-12s.

More than 200 demonstrations against the so-called “coronavirus” health passport have been scheduled for Saturday throughout France. In Paris alone, thousands of people joined rallies against what they call a violation of people’s rights.

Protest in France Against Health Pass


This is the eighth Saturday of mobilisation, in Paris but also in several other major cities such as Marseille, Nantes or Montpellier.

Thousands of people once again took to the streets of many French cities to shout their rejection of the health pass on Saturday,

“We are boycotting this health pass (…) we are going to put a third dose of boycott. In the end this health pass will fall,” said Mr. Philippot, promising to go “to the general strike if necessary”.

Protest in France Against Health Pass

In Marseille, thousands of people left the Vieux-Port, the vast majority without masks, under a bright sun and with a lot of French flags. “It’s still no to the Sanitary Pass, no to sheep. No to discrimination. No to intimidation: freedom”, said a sign.

“We’re going to be fired on 15 September, I think it’s totally unfair. We save lives, we are present for the population, and we find ourselves arrested, we no longer have the right to work just because the president has decided that we should be put aside,” said Norbert, a 45-year-old firefighter who refused to give his name.

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