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‘Empty Tank’ Campaign: Police Make Arrests

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The assistant secretary general of the MMM, Tony Apollon, as well as the other people arrested mid-day at the Mahébourg Waterfront, were finally released on Saturday afternoon.

For the police, these people were participating in a demonstration of ’empty tank’ in front of the Mahebourg Waterfront. While Tony Apollon and 3 others were taken to the police station in Grand Bois, members of the MMM gathered in front of the police station to give their support.  Having been arrested, Tony Apollon and the other individuals will be prosecuted by the police for illegal assembly.

For the MMM, this is perhaps a new turning point in the history of our country with what happened today at the Mahebourg Waterfront.

The police proceeded to arrest 5 people, who were sitting on the edge of the Waterfront to reflect on their future but the police judged that they were there to participate in a demonstration.

The police released them on parole after a few hours, but they will have to appear in court this Monday without knowing what charge will be filed against them.

Empty Tank Campaign

This Monday, Tony Apollon will have to go to court where a provisional charge of ‘illegal gathering’ will be held against him. He will be accompanied by his lawyers, Me Veda Baloomoody and Me. Reza Uteem.

“A policeman saw me sitting at the Mahebourg Waterfront with my jerrycans of gasoline and asked me why I was there. Other people saw me and joined me. The police accused me of having gathered 12 people and that I was holding a demonstration,” explained Tony Apollon as he left the Grand-Bois police station.

During his statement to the press, Tony Apollon asked “two former MMM members, Steve Obeegadoo and Ivan Collendaveloo, who are now in alliance with the ruling party: ‘Kot zot sans demokrasi, kot zot pe aplodi et anpes bann dimounn koze?

“Mo bien kontan finn liber Tony ek bann lezot kamarad. Arete fer dominer!” said Paul Bérenger, who was in the courtyard of the Grand-Bois police station along with several members of the MMM political bureau. The latter was demanding the release of its deputy secretary general.

For the activists, some fishermen and boaters were sitting on the concrete ledge along the Mahébourg Waterfront at midday. Empty jerrycans lay at their feet in silent protest at rising gas prices. The police considered it an illegal gathering and subsequently arrested people.

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