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EDB’s Investment Promotion Mission In Kuala Lumpur Opens Gate To The Malaysian Market

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The Economic Development Board (EDB) of Mauritius organized a highly successful investment promotion mission from 11 to 13 September 2023 in Kuala Lumpur. The mission aimed to showcase the attractive investment opportunities in Mauritius and strengthen economic ties between the two nations and opened new avenues for collaboration.

The success of this event demonstrates the growing interest in Mauritius as an investment destination and the confidence of the business community in the country’s economic prospects.

The event featured a business forum, one-to-one meetings, and roundtable discussions, bringing together key stakeholders from various sectors. The business forum, which marked the beginning of the mission, started with a compelling speech by the High Commissioner of Mauritius in Kuala Lumpur. His address emphasized the longstanding bilateral relations and the potential for further collaboration in trade and investment.

The Chairman of EDB, in his speech, highlighted the favourable business climate, robust infrastructure, and attractive incentives that make Mauritius an ideal investment destination. One of the highlights of the forum was a comprehensive presentation on investment opportunities delivered by the Deputy CEO of EDB. The presentation showcased the potential in sectors such as education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and hospitality. Attendees were provided with valuable insights into the various investment incentives and policies that Mauritius offers, further encouraging them to explore business prospects in the country.

EDB’s Investment Promotion Mission In Kuala Lumpur

The event witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 100 businessmen in attendance. The diverse group of participants comprised local entrepreneurs, international investors, and representatives from the Malaysian business community. The presence of such a wide range of stakeholders reflects the growing interest in Mauritius as an investment destination and the success of EDB’s initiatives in promoting the country’s potential. In addition to the business forum, EDB organized several one-to-one meetings with economic operators in key sectors.

These meetings allowed EDB representatives to engage directly with industry leaders and discuss potential collaborations and investment projects. Key sectors targeted during these sessions included education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and hospitality. EDB’s commitment to fostering partnerships and exploring mutual growth opportunities was evident throughout these productive discussions.

Furthermore, EDB hosted roundtable meetings with members of mid-tier enterprises, providing an open platform for sharing ideas and exploring potential synergies. The second roundtable meeting was an exclusive session with elite economic operators of Malaysia, underscoring EDB’s commitment to building strategic alliances with key players in the region. Noteworthy companies, such as the Taylor’s Group, YTL Group, and Sunway Group, were among the companies with which EDB held these interactive sessions.

EDB remains committed to facilitating investments and supporting businesses in their growth journey, further cementing Mauritius’ position as a thriving investment hub.

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