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Ebola Virus: US Sends Shipments Of Remdesivir; SII To Manufacture Vaccine

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The United States has sent shipments of Ebola Experimental vaccines to the East African country, Uganda. Uganda’s Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng revealed the shipments at a meeting of African region health officials last week in Kampala. At the meeting, he said that Remdesivir, a medicine extensively used during COVID-19, along with an undisclosed monoclonal antibody had been given to healthcare workers.

The US has sent Gilead Sciences’ Remdesivir and Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc’s experimental Ebola antibody drug MBP134 to the East African country. The shipment, sent last week, is a medical aid to healthcare workers that are working extensively to save people from the Ebola outbreak that has infected a huge number of people and killed 44, said US government sources.

At present, there are no confirmed vaccines or any kind of set treatment for the Sudan strain of Ebola virus, which is one of four known Ebola viruses to cause hemorrhagic fever in humans. The greatest Sudan species outbreak since 2000, it was verified by the Ugandan health ministry on September 20.

Joel Montgomery, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s chief of the viral special pathogens branch and incident manager for the outbreak, said that controlling the outbreak by safeguarding the healthcare workers could be essential.

Plan to Manufacture Ebola Vaccine

The Serum Institute of India is aiming to produce an experimental Ebola vaccine by the end of November for use in trials against an outbreak in Uganda, according to the vaccine’s creators and a corporate source.

The absence of a tested vaccination against the Sudan strain of the virus has slowed down the response to the outbreak in Uganda.

Since last month, there have been 54 confirmed cases, 19 fatalities, and the first case in Kampala, the country’s capital, was reported last week. Health officials, however, think that the true figures may be higher.

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