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Climber “Lucky To Be Alive” After A Fall From 2,000 Feet Off Mount Taranaki

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A climber miraculously survived with only minor injuries after a fall of nearly 2,000 feet off the side of Mount Taranaki in New Zealand. The climber, still unidentified, was a part of the group that was attempting to reach Mount Taranki when he slipped and fell. He went down a steep slope, falling over rocks and ice.

The police were informed about a climber who had fallen while climbing with a  group about midday local time on Saturday 9 September, according to the New Zealand Police. After witnessing their fellow climber tumble down the mountain slope, another member of the group went down in search of him.

A member of the Taranaki Alpine Rescue team who was climbing the mountain the same day helped to locate a fallen man. The rescue was scaling the mountain in the same area when the accident occurred. The climber was located by their fellow group member, and the Alpine Rescue climber endured minor injuries.

The climbers had lost their ice axes and crampons while falling. The rescue member helped the fallen climber down the mountain safely, where they met the rest of their group.

In a press release, the police said, “Thanks to recent spring weather, the ice had softened, and the snow caught the climber’s fall. He is exceptionally lucky to be alive. These are challenging areas, and when things go wrong, there are often serious consequences.”

Two years ago, two climbers lost their lives while climbing in the exact location, the police informed.

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