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Celebration Of Gudhi Padwa : The Prime Minister Said We Must Keep The Flame Of Unity Lighten

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Not having been able to participate to the celebrations of the Gudhi Padwa (Marathi New Year) last week at the Baie Du Cap Marathi Kaylashnath Mandir; the Prime Minister, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth has made the honours by his presence at the Maratha Mandir at Vacoas Phoenix Municipality for the celebrations of Gudhi Padwa on this Friday 8th April 2022.

Pravind Jugnauth at Celebration Of Gudhi Padwa

During his speech, the Prime Minister pointed out that this date coincides with the anniversary of the foundation of the MSM (8th April 1983) and that he is truly privileged to be part of the celebrations on such an auspicious date.  Proud to be at the head of such a prestigious party, Pravind Jugnauth spoke about the contribution of the MSM to the country over the years and the development being done, despite the difficult situation that the country is going through at the moment.

Celebration Of Gudhi Padwa

According to him, what is extraordinary about Mauritius is that we have a colourful and multi religion nation. For instance, along with Gudhi Padwa, we celebrated Ugadi as well which is the New Year of the whole Hindu community. While taking into consideration other religions, like the Muslim community and Catholic community, who are fasting at the same time; in fact throughout the year, we have different religions practising different religious practices or observing fasting. And the most important part of it is that each of us understands and respects each other.

Celebration Of Gudhi Padwa

He also stated that if we’ve been living in harmony and peace in our country; it is because we understand the meaning of each festival celebrated by each other, and the respect we show towards each other’s religion and culture. This is why we are cited as an example by foreigners who have been present and witnessed the way we live and practice our religion and culture. These people are amazed by the way of living of Mauritians.

The Prime Minister also emphasised on the fact that we ought to keep the flame of unity lighten between each other and we need to continue to move forward in mutual cooperation.

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