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Call For Solidarity: Mégane Needs You!

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Mégane Chapuiset needs your help. This 32 year old mother needs about Rs 300, 000 to undergo a 3rd surgery and thus allow her to lead a normal life.

Regular epileptic seizures handicap the life of this young mother from Grand-Baie. Suffering from an arterio-venous malformation, she must undergo a 3rd surgery in order to lead a normal life. Except that the costs amount to Rs 600, 000. A sum that Megane has been struggling to raise for several weeks: “I need Rs 600,000 to finance my travel, that of my brother and the doctor who will accompany me to India. There are also the costs of the surgery and accommodation for three weeks. For the moment, we have managed to collect Rs 360,000. I am thus short of about Rs 300, 000 to go to India and return to the country in better health.”

Note that a fundraising event is currently being held on crowdfund.mu.

As a reminder, Megane also has a police permit to collect from the public.

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