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Akil Bissessur, His Partner Doomila Moheeputh And His Brother Avinash Will Be Taken To Court Today

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Akil Bissessur, Doomila Moheeputh and Avinash Bissessur were arrested on Tuesday morning by officers from the Special Striking Team during a controlled delivery exercise at Akil Bissessur’s flat in Dreamton Park. In a live broadcast he made in the morning, Akil Bissessur showed a postman explaining that he had come to deliver a parcel from Germany. According to the police, it contained 1,022 tablets suspected to be ecstasy and worth Rs 2 million. As Akil Bissessur approached the postman, explaining that he had not ordered anything from Germany, he was informed by plainclothes police officers that he was to accompany them to Central CID. His partner Doomila Moheeputh and his brother Avinash Bissessur were also arrested. They were questioned before being placed under arrest. They will spend the night in police custody before being taken to court today. Remember that three protagonists, including the lawyer, were arrested on Tuesday, June 20 at Dreamton Park in Sodnac, Akil Bissessur’s place of residence. They are his partner Doomilah Moheeputh and the lawyer’s brother, Avinash Bissessur.

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